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Why We Do It

Making things easier for you – motivates us.

I am a researcher.  I am that person who when someone asks a question at dinner – I am online doing research to learn as much as I can to find the answer.  I have followed the stock market and financial indicators for years, making my living at times by my research.  I take pride in getting to the bottom of a problem or situation that needs a solution.  My wife has been in banking for the last 20 years and many of those conversations over dinner have been discussions about issues she’s had getting deals approved or issues with lending for some of her clients.  This got my mind going and I started researching.  I realized that this was an area that needed someone that could do the leg work, someone that could dig into the details, do the research and ensure all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed – so I did what I do best.  I came up with a process and started building my network of lenders that after much research were companies that I feel confident in recommending to my clients.  Let me now do what I do best so you can be out there doing what you do best.  Together we can make this commercial real estate deal quick, painless and as profitable as possible.

We are here to work with you on any of your commercial real estate projects, anywhere in the United States, we do not have a minimum property value or a type of commercial building limitation to ensure that you have the resources you need no matter the project.  We also specialize in investment real estate, which after my research we learned others shy away from – not us, we are here for all your commercial mortgage lending needs.

As an added benefit we do also offer lease versus purchasing analysis.  We will run a financial model for you on like properties to determine which is better for your bottom line (and by how much) – owning or leasing.

Call us today to utilize someone whose entire focus is ensuring you get the best deal with the best funding options with the least amount of headache.