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Talton Commercial Funding makes getting the right commercial loan easy.  We work to ensure you get the best funding option for your business.  You have more important things to be doing then searching down loan options - Let us do what we do best so that you can be out there doing what you do best.  Together we can make this commercial estate deal quick, painless and as profitable as possible.

What We Do

We make getting the right commercial loan easy.

Let us get financing for your

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Our Process

We sit with you and talk through your project, find out what terms are important to you.  We gather all your information (yes, we have a checklist) and then we go and do what we do best.

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Why We Do It

I am a researcher.  I am that person who when someone asks a question at dinner - I am online doing research to learn as much as I can to find the answer. 

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Call us today to utilize someone whose entire focus is ensuring you get the best deal with the best funding options with the least amount of headache.

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